Comedians were Puck 'n' Funny

By Denise Mozel
Courtesy of The Wynyard Advance Gazette

A blind guy, a white guy, and a black guy walked into the Wynyard Civic Centre. What happened next? Lots and lots of laughter.

The three comedians entertained a crowd of about 175 people on Saturday, Oct. 27. The show, called Puck'n'Funny, was held as a fundraiser for the Wynyard Monarchs.

Comedian Mike Simmonds acted as MC for the night. He has been legally blind for the past 10 years due to diabetic retinopathy. Simmonds made fun of his handicap, pulling out his walking stick and pretending it was a light sabre.

Following the show, the comedian said laughter has always played a big role in his life.

“I was the class clown in grade two. You can diffuse any situation by laughing at yourself. I'm blind. I have had to adjust to it. The easiest thing to do is laugh about it. Ha. Ha. Look at the blind guy. If I can make fun of it, then it is no longer something that can be used against me. It's a good hook,” said Simmonds.

While comedian Paul Voisard did not have a handicap to crack jokes about, the 22-year-old comedian's hook was telling tales of his sexual misadventures with fitted sheets.

The dirty nature of the show continued when headliner, Jody Peters did his set. The former farm boy clearly enjoys telling jokes about puking, cow poop, and the cows giving birth.

All in all, it was an evening filled with much laughter.

Paul Lendzyk, coach of the Monarchs, would not put a dollar figure on the amount raised during Puck'n'Funny, but deemed the event a success.

“We've done sportsman dinners the last two years that were poorly attended, so we scaled it back to something everyone could afford. I'd like to say thank you to everybody who attended for making it a success,” says Lendzyk.

Puck'n'Funny marked the first time the Monarchs had hosted a night of comedy.