Keith Sarnoski

Keith Sarnoski

A rising comedic talent, Keith Sarnoski has made a big splash in a short amount of time on the comedy scene in Alberta. Born and bred in oil town Edmonton, Keith's blue collar background and ambitious nature have propelled him to touring all over Western Canada in just two short years.

Driven by visions of grandeur, Keith hopes he actually has the talent to become wildly successful, instead of schizophrenic or delusional like all the losers on reality T.V. shows. Many people wonder where such determination and focus come from, and Keith will not tell us. Most experts on the matter suggest probably from magic rocks or enchanted fossils possibly dug from Drumheller childhood school trips.

Whatever the source, the public stands to benefit from Keith's interpretation of working life, relationships, and all the problems in this world as he connects with people of all ages and backgrounds. His optimistic perspective will leave you laughing and thinking, and if you are lucky, laugh-thinking.

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